Why HOCl is better for you, your staff, and your patients

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Hypochlorous (HOCl) is the gold-standard for disinfecting waterlines, equipment, surfaces, and skin in clinical settings. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe your practice already uses it? Either way, you need to be sure you’re using the optimal formulation of this incredible, naturally occurring molecule.

Put simply, HOCl is an unbeatable disinfectant. It is proven to be more effective and safer to use than other formulas – many of which contain irritating bleaches and harmful quaternary compounds.

If you’re using anything else in your practice, you could be putting your staff and patients at unnecessary risk – especially elderly people, pregnant women, young children, and the immunocompromised.

A safer option, designed by nature

HOCl destroys all five stages of biofilm and 99.9999% of free-floating microbes in seconds – making it 80 to 120 times more effective than bleach. 

The really amazing thing is that HOCl is used by the human body to kill bacteria and viruses. Our white blood cells release this chemical as part of the immune response to infection. HOCl slips inside the bacteria to destroy it from the inside out. 

Other dental products for eliminating biofilm and disinfecting surfaces often use toxic chemicals that may need diluting to make them safer to use. It’s all too easy to misread labels or spill these chemicals, which can inflict damage on dental staff’s skin or eyes, patients’ mouths. 

The use of the naturally occurring HOCl molecule is what makes our waterline cleaner, surface disinfectant, hand sanitiser, and dental rinse completely non-toxic and non-corrosive. And because our HOCl formulations are pH neutral, they are as gentle as water on skin.

Already using HOCl?

Next time you pick up that bottle, check its use-by date – it might need using sooner than you think. 

Our competitors’ products degrade within a few months, but CHL’s products have an extended shelf life of a year. This is because the medical-grade quality of CleanCert Hygiene Ltd’s manufacturing process (ISO 13485) produces the purest forms of HOCl between 150-200 ppm AFC (free chlorine), with a pH balance of 7. 

Our black packaging may not look as attractive as white or clear bottles, but this too is designed with quality in mind. The dark colour safeguards against UV exposure, which causes HOCl to degrade. 

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HOCl forms the basis of the different formulations across our product range, including CleanCert biofilm remover and waterline cleaner, OptiZil surface disinfectant and hand sanitiser, and OraWize+ oxidising dental rinse. 

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