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Your patients have spent months wearing masks and taking extra precautions. They need to know that the dental rinse you’re offering them is as effective and as safe as possible. The gentle, biomimetic formulation of OraWize+ offers unparalleled antimicrobial action.

Hygiene and personal safety matters more to your patients than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Some dental practices use mouthwashes that contain EDTA, hydrogen peroxide, artificial preservatives, and other toxic ingredients. Research has linked alcohol-containing mouthwashes to an increased risk of head and neck cancers. 

Some dental rinses contain essential oils and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), both of which are not recommended for patients who cannot spit or rinse. Nor are they suitable for people who have recently undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy. 

Chlorhexidine is another common ingredient in dental rinse. Although this chemical is an effective antimicrobial, it can stain teeth and cause altered taste, numbness, dryness, and pain.

Neither do these chemicals create the ideal oral environment for healing and recovery.


Harnessing the oxidising power of nature


Hypochlorous (HOCl) is a naturally occurring chemical, produced by the human body’s neutrophils to fight infection. This powerful molecule kills biofilm and 99.9999% of free-floating microbes in seconds. This makes it 80 to 120 times more effective than bleach.

HOCl-based mouthwash inhibits bacterial growth with zero toxicity, achieving safe and effective oral care without any of the side effects caused by other products. 

OraWize+ is carefully formulated for use for all types and at all stages of dental treatment. It can be used before procedures to reduce microbial load and during treatment for endodontic and periodontal irrigation. Post-procedure, OraWize+ supports the healing process, preventing infection and dry socket. 

It also reduces the cross-infection risk of human-borne viruses such as the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, norovirus, and parvovirus during aerosol generating procedures.

A superior HOCl formulation


As the first HOCl dental rinse to be CE-marked as a medical device, you and your patients are in good hands with OraWize+. Its neutral pH makes it tooth safe and gentle on skin. The non-sensitising, non-irritating formula is ideal for use with even highly vulnerable patients.

The medical-grade quality of CleanCert Hygiene Ltd’s (CHL) manufacturing process (ISO 13485) produces the purest forms of HOCl between 150-200 ppm AFC (free chlorine), with a pH balance of 7. Our competitors’ products degrade within a few months, but our products have an extended shelf life of a year.

In different formulations, HOCl is also the basis of CleanCert waterline cleaner and biofilm remover, and OptiZil surface disinfectant and hand sanitiser.


Try OraWize+ today

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