EauFlow 505 Di – RO Hard Water 22Ltr


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Technical spec:

  • Dimensions (L x H x W cm) 40 x 38 x 15 . Tank 22L 38 dia. x 58 h. Di mixed bed  14 dia x 54 h
  • Tank pressure: 7psi when empty and detached. 25-40psi when connected
  • dispensing speed: 1.5 -2L/min
  • distance from RO to tap: 3m max, unless additional pump installed
  • tank refill (average, @350ppm): 120 -140ml/min
  • waste water (average @350ppm): 420-600ml/min

How do I know if I need a 12L or 22L tank? If you calculate your: total no of dental chairs x chair bottle size (X) . Add onto no of autoclaves x reservoir size= Y. Add X + Y=Z. Lower than 22= 12L tank. Higher than 22= 22L tank.

The EY5505HW package includes:

  • a 5 stage RO water filter with easy maintenance ‘quick release’ cartridges, including ALL connection components, manual and warranty
  • choice of dispensing valve or counter-top tap (both included)
  • 10m of plastic tubing (1/4″/ 6.2mm)
  • Large capacity 22L water storage tank
  • high capacity Di cartridge to position post RO
  • inline TDS water meter to position post Di

Fitting by a CleanCert Hygiene trained engineer is required to activate item 2 year warranty. Fitting can be arranged at additional cost and will be provided by a CleanCert approved company on request.  Please email technical@cleancert-hygiene.co.uk for further details or a quote.

NB – Water hardness and its impact on RO performance for your autoclave and dental chairs: The most important issues that affects the quality of water coming out of your RO system and hence when you need to change cartridges,  is the water quality in your area (normally determined by limescale and nitrates), plus your RO water consumption. If you fit this unit in a hard water area, it should ensure you do not need to change any cartridges on your RO for 1 year, under normal conditions.