Di (Large Blue) cartridge – hard water


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Technical Spec:

17cm dia. X 56cm h

A final stage water treatment filter to ‘polish’ purified RO water down to 0-5ppm (TDS), which is ideal for your autoclave and dental chair water requirements. Includes 2 x (EY20112) 3/4″ to 1/4″ BSP Push fit attachments.

We recommend you install this device in practices with more than 3 chairs in hard water areas (i.e. 200ppm and over – CaCO3), thus ensuring you only carry out standard maintenance on your water equipment (i.e. change RO cartridges) once per year. This avoids the stress of equipment downtime for staff, when the autoclave is out of use due to poor quality water.

15000L capacity @10 microsiemens, 7500L @20 ms. Note in some areas of higher nitrates and phosphate levels, typically along the East Coast of the UK, this capacity will be severely reduced.

We recommend you also use an ‘Inline TDS meter’ (EY20155) when installing for the first time, so you can have an accurate water quality water reading on your output water, before the autoclave rejects the water.

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