Dental RO – clinical grade water on tap

The EauFlow difference
(D) Distillers – (B) Bottled Water – (RO) Reverse Osmosis
EauFlow Other water purification systems
LOW energy use/electricity costs (D)
Clinical grade filtration
Suitable for hard water areas Sometimes
User replaceable filters
12 months between standard maintenance (RO)
Works seamlessly with CleanCert Biofilm remover
Low annual maintenance cost (D,RO)
Improved working conditions (D)
Environmentally friendly – reduced plastic & shipping (B)

Your dental practice needs a reliable source of clinical-grade purified water, that doesn’t rely on plastic bottles.

Designed for daily use in clinical equipment (dental chairs, autoclaves etc), the EauFlow RO delivers an uninterrupted supply of purified water on tap. It is also more cost-effective and eco-friendly than bottled water or distillers.

Know the risks | Poor water quality can result in:

Reduce the risks | With an EauFlow RO

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We used to sell these, but soon discovered dental practices were running into headaches. The Eau Flow RO system has been developed with over a decade of dental experience to ensure you have an uninterrupted supply of water for your autoclave or dental chair, no matter what size your practice. Contact us to find out why we are trusted to train all the top dental engineers in the country, as well as supplying the largest dental corporates.

Buy cheap – buy twice!


  • Purifies water Up to 10 X faster than a standard distiller (P/hr: 10L vs 1L)
  • Advanced, medical grade filtration to remove both bacteria & TDS
  • Monitoring of ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’ contaminants ensures clinical water is ‘fit for purpose’
  • Hard and soft water options with WRAS approved components: optimises performance
  • Reduces work-stress: nothing is carried, stored, filled up or disposed of each day
  • Eco-friendly: eliminates the introduction of plastic packaging into the supply chain

Cost Effective

  • No specialist tools or expensive engineer call-out fees for routine maintenance
  • Change cartridges in seconds, which reduces vital equipment downtime
  • Up to seven times cheaper than buying and storing bottled water (see ‘cost saving calculator’)
  • Fraction of the running costs of a distiller
  • Return on investment in under 12 months
  • Most efficient and cost-effective method to supply unlimited purified water into practices

Calculate your savings with an Eau Flow 505 vs buying bottled water (5L):

Calculate your savings with an EauFlow 505 RO (soft water- £734.57) VS buying bottled water (5L)

Move the sliders below to your current cost and usage to see the equivalent number of bottles (and kg of plastic) used in a year and the cost savings achieved with an EauFlow.

£ Price / Unit (Net)
Litres used (pa):
Plastic bottles sent to landfill / recycling (pa):
Cost to your practice using bottled water (pa):
Net saving to your practice in YR 1 (inc RO purchase):
Net saving to your practice from YR 2 onwards:
Payback period with buying an RO unit months:

Bottles used

That's kg of plastic!

EauFlow Knowledge

1. Specification

Model EauFlow 505 Hard water options (capacity)/cm
Weight kg Unit: 12    Tank: 4 Deioniser/DI (post-RO): EY30810
(14000L@10ppm) 54 H x 14 dia.
Dimensions: LxHxW (cm) 40 x 38 x 15cm (12L tank 28 dia. x 44 h. 22L= 38d x 58h. )
Storage Tank 12L (22L available))
Electrical supply 13 amp socket. 1.2m lead
Length of dispensing gun tubing 2m

2. Evidence

Reverse osmosis water is recommended for use with disinfectants and for cleaning surgical instruments: Frieze, M. Water for Instrument Processing. Infection Control Today, 2009. 

Using a RO system ensures that all microorganisms, inorganic, and organic matter has been removed from water: Lyon, S. Water Quality and Its Impact on the Decontamination Process. 2008


3. Product Leaflet

EauFlow Product Leaflet

EauFlow Videos

Eauflow RO Filter Change
Eauflow Blue DI Filter Change
Customer Videos
Engineer Videos (password protected)

EauFlow Support

1. Recommended layout

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3. Basic maintenance

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5. Organic maintenance

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7. Decommissioning an EauFlow RO

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2. Services needed pre-installation

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4. Opening an EauFlow 505 - 2019

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6. Inorganic maintenance

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8. Recommissioning an EauFlow RO

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