Powerful dental rinse for the complete treatment journey – before, during & after

The OraWize+ difference
OraWize+ Other Dental Rinses
Eliminates harmful oral biofilm in under 1 minute Sometimes
Reduces risks from AGPs
Before, during and after treatment
Suitable for Endo and Perio Sometimes
Non toxic or irritating Sometimes
Tooth safe pH neutral Sometimes
100% Environmentally responsible
Stable HOCL for extended shelf-life
Supports patient’s own post-treatment recover

Most dental rinses rely on bleach, chlorhexidine, EDTA, or hydrogen peroxide to kill oral viruses and bacteria: toxic chemicals known to inhibit effective recovery.

Offering a high level of performance and safety to protect against infection, OraWize+ is a complete, non-irritating, non-sensitising antimicrobial HOCl dental rinse that can be used pre-procedure to reduce microbial load, during dental treatment for endodontic and periodontal irrigation and post-procedure to support the oral healing process.

Know the risks | Using an ineffective or poor quality dental rinse can result in:

Reduce the risks | With the use of OraWize+

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  • Unique formulation eliminates harmful organisms before, during, and after treatment in under a minute
  • Provides perfect healing conditions by keeping bacteria and biofilm at bay
  • As effective as hypochlorite at destroying efaecalis in endodontic treatment
  • Helps manage dry sockets
  • Non staining, ready to use formula, stabilised for an extended HOCl shelf life
  • Convenient sizes: 1L and 5L bottles.  250ml option for patient’s post-treatment recovery at home
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  • Ideal for use with vulnerable and immunocompromised patients
  • Does not irritate mucous membranes or respiratory system
  • Harmless to oral and periodontal tissue and surrounding structures
  • Tooth safe, thanks to neutral pH
  • The first HOCl dental rinse CE-marked as a Medical Device
  • Meets stringent European standards for killing viruses (BS EN 14476)
  • Free from alcohol and artificial preservatives

OraWize+ Knowledge

1. Application Benefits

  • OraWize+ has most antibacterial endo benefits in cases where there is no pulp –  e.g. infected or necrotic teeth and re-treatments.
  • OraWize+ has safety benefits in teeth with open or immature apices, with perforations and in cases of resorption.
  • When there is a high pulp content, use NaOCl (hypochlorite) first, then EDTA to remove smear layer and use OraWize+ as a final rinse to provide additional antibacterial benefits.
  • OraWize+’s safety profile allows it to be used with active irrigation techniques such as ultrasonic, endosonic or laser activation without the risks associated with possible extrusion.

2. Directions For Use- before, during and after

3. Product Leaflet

OraWize+ Product Leaflet

4. Data Sheet

OraWize+ Data Sheet

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